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Elite 100

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V1.2 Elite 100 Platform

Update from February 24, 2023

  • Announcements and calendar on the Elite 100 home page

  • New Release notes and roadmap page for rolling updates & feature request submission

  • Click on the Wheel of Life to start scoring yourself, instead of using the sliders

  • Fully usable on Mobile

V1.1 Elite 100 Platform

Update from February 6, 2023

  • Most of the presentations and hot seats have been uploaded

  • All past Elite 100 meeting recordings are now available 

  • You are now able to upload your own photos from the events to the Gallery

  • Wheel of Life scores are saved to your account and can be accessed from your account page

Keep track of recent releases and new features

Release Notes

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Beyond the Wheel

As the learning paths and Wheel of Life widget are built out, other personality testing and goal analysis will be worked into the site and your timeline to keep track of your progress.

Functionality to be tagged in photos and see them on your profile, like and comment on photos, and connect with other's social medias easily to improve the networking capabilities of the site.

Community & Social

Membership Timelines

From your first day at Matrix to your presentation at the Elite 100 events, the interactive timeline will be visible in your account and will showcase your growth and journey to success. 

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See what's coming for the Elite 100 platform and provide feedback or ideas for new features

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