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The path to corporate success.

Our world class program tailored for your companies success.


Reduce attrition.

One of the biggest costs for companies is losing key employees after years of training - We can build corporate culture to reduce or eliminate Attrition.

In sales departments and management teams - Would you rather hire more staff, or increase the performance of existing staff for a fraction of the cost?

Increase productivity.


Looking to increase performance of existing Sales and Management teams?

Struggling to meet goals and get better results within your organization?

Looking to decrease attrition of valued employees that you have spent training?

Stuck and not reaching the company's full potential?


Passing goals down without equipping teams to achieve them?

Distracted from main objectives?

Having lack of clarity on company goals and vision?

Unable to motivate teams to change behaviors?


"Everything you can do easily now, once used to seem impossible to you." - Dan Kennedy

Thinking Into Results will ensure that a high performance mindset becomes a new healthy part of each employee’s thinking and actions. It simply feels good to perform at a high level and most employees want to but have no idea why they aren’t. This is called the knowing / doing gap. Shaping a new health paradigm leads to a synergy of what the company's desired result is (increased sales and performance) and giving the employee a new sense of commitment to the company and the results the person wants most in life.

Unlock Your Companies Full Potential with the Transformational Thinking Into Results Program

Skyscrapers in Bangkok

Build amazing corporate culture that retains employees and increases revenue

Realize individual passions and build better relationships

Raise revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars

Increase sales through understanding advances sales techniques

The Thinking Into Results Corporate Program has helped companies

"Everything you can do easily now, once used to seem impossible to you." - Dan Kennedy

This program is for leaders and teams who want to significantly improve results, not for those unwilling to devote time to mental development

With Uplifting Peer Connections, Personal Coaching, And Active Guidance

And has benefited companies like Prudential, Microsoft, IBM, Marriott, Mercedes Benz, and more…

And many more examples from General Electric, Marriott Hotels, Microsoft, American Express, Pepsi, Shell Oil, AT&T, Phillips, Anheuser Busch, and beyond.


These Fortune 500 test cases confirm massively profitable growth is possible through precise reconditioning of mental faculties and internal cultural environments. By aligning entire organizations with science-validated models at both individual and collective levels, compounding returns become inevitable.

Gained $240 million in sales

Increased annual profit by $250 million

sales up 33% amounting to extra $1 billion 

Pivoted cultural mindsets responsible for subsequent $2 billion growth

We have personally invested over $300,000 and decades of intensive study being menteed by  world class thought leaders to decode the systems behind sustainable success. The most prolific Mentor and thought leader I had the pleasure of working with was Bob Proctor. I was privileged to spend  almost a decade with him learning and even got to the point of teaching other coaches in the sciences of human performance and achievement


Additionally, the Thinking Into Results methodology underpinning my program has been tested and proven across countless elite organizations. Our techniques have boosted companies' revenues by hundreds of millions, catalyzed leaders to realize long-held dreams, and brought families back from the brink of collapse.


Common Coaching Misconceptions

"Our team doesn't need transformation"

Without transformation, nothing changes. Even successful teams reach plateaus.


New mental frameworks and habits are required to reach the next level. The only way to get new results is to change the mindset (paradigm) or the individual or team by raising their awareness and skills. There is no other way.

"We don't need coaching or mentoring"

Top executives, business owners, and elite athletes all utilize coaching and mentoring to optimize performance.


If the best of the best performers are always getting better by utilizing coaching and mentorship then it would only make sense that growing an sales-person or employee from the top 80% to the top 20% would require outside guidance and expertise as well.

"Working our teams harder and setting bigger targets alone will not work"

Without transformation, and will cause burnout and attrition. Nothing changes without changing your mindset. Even successful teams reach plateaus. New mental frameworks and habits are required to reach the next level.

Skilled and experienced instructors

Acclaimed teacher, Bob Proctor, and Proctor Gallagher Institute
President and CEO, Sandy Gallagher
12-week development program
A world class program presented in twelve languages. 

The TIR comprehensive program includes

Thinking Into Results, guided by skilled and experienced instructors including acclaimed teacher Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute's President and CEO, Sandy Gallagher, offers a transformative 12-week development program. This world-class program, available in twelve languages, not only bridges the knowing/doing gap but also fosters a high-performance mindset among employees, aligning their personal aspirations with the company's objectives for enhanced sales and performance.


You're going to learn the ONE secret others aren't telling you about setting goals that actually work.

A Worthy Ideal


You know what you need to be doing but it still doesn't get done. In this lesson you're going to finally close that gap and knock things out quicker than before!

The Knowing/Doing Gap


Understanding this "well-kept secret" will help you get the results you want and help eliminate what's missing between your subconscious mind and your body

Your Infinite Mind


Everyone has a "trapped genie" inside them. Others understand this and have fast results. Now, with this lesson released, you will grasp it too. 

The Secret Genie


When the outside world is erupting around you, it's easy to find yourself down in the dumps with it. Lesson 5 will show you the trick to staying in charge of YOU no matter what the circumstances. 

Thinking Into Results


The feedback we get from our environment and the people we encounter are a reflection of our internal thoughts. If we notice negative feedback then we will know to adjust our internal thoughts and self-image. 

The Environment is But Our Looking Glass


Learning about the "terror barrier" will be the AH-HA! moment that you've needed. Overcome fear and procrastination quicker once you understand this idea.

Trample The Terror Barrier


When the results you desire feel so far away, praxis is the lesson that will help you bridge that gap. Learn how to align your beliefs and behaviors to create the results you want in life. 

The Power of Praxis


The equation that's missing from almost all personal development teachings is finally unveiled in this lesson. How attitude can be used to your advantage in your personal and business life.

The Magic Word


Quantum Leaps are no longer for the "privileged"! You are now The Most Valuable 1st Column Person and the results you desire are right at your fingertips.

The Most Valuable Person


With all the tools you've learned in the previous lessons, leaving people better off than when you found them is easier than ever. Make the ripple of impact you are here to make!

Leaving Everyone With The Impression Of Increase


Leverage the mastermind principles in this final lesson to bring people together for one common goal: Helping others attract the abundance they desire!

Magnifying The Mind

A Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of the lessons
Galaxy Background

TIR Applies science-based techniques to expand mental faculties 

Not utilizing science-based mental expansion methods

TIR Unleashes the special talents within each member

Failing to draw out each person's unique talents.

TIR Gets your team vibrating at the optimal frequency

Trying to just change habits without mental transformation.





Our coaches have worked with top companies and successful professionals


They understand how to transform performance through science-based mental development

Meet Brian Dalmaso

Brian Dalmaso is a dynamic entrepreneur, visionary educator, and transformational leader who has redefined the landscape of personal development and business mastery With a career spanning from cutting-edge engineering at General Electric to founding multiple successful companies. Brian's unwavering determination has propelled him to the forefront of success.

His pivotal moment in personal development, mentored by Bob Proctor, transformed him into a luminary in the field. Now, Brian travels the world, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs through The Matrix Success Network, guiding them toward unparalleled success. His journey serves as a testament to the remarkable heights achievable when passion meets determination and a commitment to personal growth.

Brian Image

Meet Taliya Bashani

A top real estate attorney , broker and coach who specializes in residential real estate law representing buyers, sellers, and investors in New York City and Florida. She started her law practice TAB Law Firm PC over 15 years ago and has closed over 10,000 properties and over $1 Billion in real estate. She has developed legal expertise throughout her years of experience in one of the most competitive markets known for record- breaking real estate deals and has taught over 100 continuing real estate education classes on various topics she created. Taliya coaches realtors through her program, Abundance Real Estate Coaching, providing creative legal negotiation tools and strategies for agents to scale their business, win more listings and close more deals.

Her passion is education and providing value to agents that incorporates creative negotiation skills and strategies, unique deal structures, and focusing on successful tools and tactics that increase client appeal and result in higher GCI . She has worked with some of the top luxury real estate agents and is known

to be a dealmaker, not a deal breaker. She is the best selling author of “Win the Listing : Secrets to become a 7-Figure Realtor”

Meet Sandy Gallagher

was a practicing corporate attorney with over 20 years of expertise handling billions of dollars in merger/acquisition and capital-raising transactions. She regularly advised corporate boards and high-ranking executives.

Sandy joined Bob Proctor to create Thinking Into Results the most powerful transformational program of its kind. As President and CEO of Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI), Sandy brings the impact of Bob’s strategies into both large and small business leadership training programs and is dedicated to teaching organisations how to unleash the full potential of their people

Meet Bob Proctor

widely regarded as one of the pioneer masters of the Law of Attraction. He has brilliantly unleashed the true potential of people’s minds since the early 1060s. Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute, Bob authored the best-selling book You Were Born Rich and is direct protege of Earl Nightingale, the undisputed master of changing lives by changing how you think. When it comes to systemizing life, no one else can touch him. He is simply the best. Bob Proctor is one of the world’s leading experts in teaching individuals to push past their comfort zone toward unimaginable success.


IMAGINE your company or organisation going from aspiration to realisation.


Vibrant energy, unique talents unleashed, and extraordinary results through targeted mental training.

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"To change the world, first you must change your entire outlook"

Entrepreneur Logo

CEO | Motivational Speaker | Mentor | Top PGI Coach Globally | Software Start Up | VIV | Mechanical Engineer

A letter from the desk of CEO, Brian Dalmaso

From my past life as an engineer, and having studied metaphysics, quantum mechanics and the mind body connection - I have an innate appreciation for the science of human performance; it follows precise laws and principles. I have invested deeply in mastering this science of achievement, closely studying with accomplished mentors such as Bob Proctor to implement the training and  processes behind sustainable human performance, fulfillment and growth. 


This engineering-based mindset is infused into our program, Thinking Into Results, which leverages science to facilitate profound professional and personal transformation. It upgrades mindsets, paradigms and beliefs at the core, according to verifiable, real-world evidence. 


Upon entering the Thinking Into Results curriculum, you will witness tangible impacts - both internally within yourself, and visibly through your rapidly ascending organization. It cultivates an empowering culture where every member develops and significantly contributes by design. Rather than self-sabotaging competition for limited resources, our program establishes shared principles of abundance rooted in objective metrics. 


The method develops empowering mental frameworks that redefine perceived constraints on the organization. As each individual's talents unfold, your collective potential and capability compounds exponentially. You phase shift into new domains previously inaccessible when functioning on the level of changing mere behaviors.


By taking a science based and metaphysical approach to human achievement, we unlock dormant capacities and foster innovations lying dormant within the consciousness of your people. This allows you to consistently overtake competitors who adhere to outdated ideological models for training employees and building corporate culture.


Rest assured, top executives and elite performers entrust our techniques to escalate success and sustainably seize their envisioned status in the marketplace. Join us to begin implementing the mental infrastructure for ongoing growth dictated on purely rational terms - for both the personal fulfillment of your members and the actualized objectives of your organization alike. The clear fruits of our methods speak volumes.

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