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Matrix Success International Presents

Thinking Into Results

With Bob Proctor and Brian Dalmaso

Thinking into Results with Bob Proctor and Brian Dalmaso
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"Everything you can do easily now, once used to seem impossible to you." - Dan Kennedy

I'm Brian Dalmaso, and I'm here to invite you back to the transformative membership: Thinking Into Results. Thinking Into Results was not just created; it was born out of the desire to make a difference. This incredible membership was crafted by the legendary Bob Proctor.

For me, it's personal. Thinking Into Results took me from a struggling mechanical engineer to a life filled with passion and joy, earning millions along the way. It worked for me, and I knew I had to carry this torch forward so that it could work for you too.

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Thinking Into Results Membership

Matrix Success International believes in...

Reprograming the subconscious mind

Taking radical responsibility for your results

The power of Mastermind groups

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The impact of each lesson is maximized with the power of repetition - the first and most crucial law of learning

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Facilitate the forming of long-term habits to reshape your mental processes & reinfoce your growth alongside like-minded peers.

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Engage your mind at the conscious and subconsious levels to absorb information as soon as you receive it, through an innovative online portal.

"While making $2k per month, I sold my car to take Thinking Into Results. Within the first 4 weeks I got to $5k, and shot to $10k per week after 4 months of the program."

-Kenny Coleman

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The Thinking Into Results Blueprint

12 Lessons Pre-Recorded by Bob Proctor

1 Complete Participants Guide
Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Lifetime access to Facebook Community
Lifetime Access to Program Materials
Thinking into Results Live


Thinking Into Results

Our membership is designed to maximize your conscious and subconscious learning. Here's what's included.


You're going to learn the ONE secret others aren't telling you about setting goals that actually work.

A Worthy Ideal


You know what you need to be doing but it still doesn't get done. In this lesson you're going to finally close that gap and knock things out quicker than before!

The Knowing/Doing Gap


Understanding this "well-kept secret" will help you get the results you want and help eliminate what's missing between your subconscious mind and your body

Your Infinite Mind


Everyone has a "trapped genie" inside them. Others understand this and have fast results. Now, with this lesson released, you will grasp it too. 

The Secret Genie


When the outside world is erupting around you, it's easy to find yourself down in the dumps with it. Lesson 5 will show you the trick to staying in charge of YOU no matter what the circumstances. 

Thinking Into Results


The feedback we get from our environment and the people we encounter are a reflection of our internal thoughts. If we notice negative feedback then we will know to adjust our internal thoughts and self-image. 

The Environment is But Our Looking Glass


Learning about the "terror barrier" will be the AH-HA! moment that you've needed. Overcome fear and procrastination quicker once you understand this idea.

Trample The Terror Barrier


When the results you desire feel so far away, praxis is the lesson that will help you bridge that gap. Learn how to align your beliefs and behaviors to create the results you want in life. 

The Power of Praxis


The equation that's missing from almost all personal development teachings is finally unveiled in this lesson. How attitude can be used to your advantage in your personal and business life.

The Magic Word


Quantum Leaps are no longer for the "privileged"! You are now The Most Valuable 1st Column Person and the results you desire are right at your fingertips.

The Most Valuable Person


With all the tools you've learned in the previous lessons, leaving people better off than when you found them is easier than ever. Make the ripple of impact you are here to make!

Leaving Everyone With The Impression Of Increase


Leverage the mastermind principles in this final lesson to bring people together for one common goal: Helping others attract the abundance they desire!

Magnifying The Mind

A Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of the lessons
Bob Proctor

Founder of Thinking into Results

Bob Proctor

Creator of Thinking Into Results and other Elite coaching programs, Bob was dedicated to waking people up to reach their potential and live the way they truly want to live – through shifting paradigms.

Brian Dalmaso

Founder and CEO, Matrix Success Network

Brian Dalmaso

An original member of Bob Proctors Inner Circle, Brian brings years of expertise as an entrepreneur, business owner, and lifestyle coach to the Matrix mastermind trainings.

Madison Dalmaso

COO, Matrix Success Network

Madison Dalmaso

After crafting her dream life and achieving millionaire status by 24, Madi shifted focus to driving Matrix towards empowering people to understand, achieve, and appreciate lifelong success. 

Matrix Community

Matrix Success Network

Our Community

We welcome CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Real-Estate Moguls, and all unique thinkers to our masterminds. Join and ascend the Matrix to access exclusive mastermind calls, live events, and networking opportunities. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

The program duration is 6 months from your "lesson one" start date which is 7 days after your onboarding call.

1. How long is the membership?

After 6 months, most students either: 1) Roll into our $299 / month membership program and go through another round of TIR. Or, 2) Ascend into the Matrix Inner Circle Program and begin their first Mastermind experience with Matrix.

2. What happens after the 6 months?

Thinking Into Results was created and recorded by Bob Proctor and is now facilitated under licensing by Brian Dalmaso as part of the Matrix suite of programs. You will be coached and mentored by both of them through pre-recorded video and live sessions throughout the program.

3. Do I get coached by Bob Proctor?

Each of your weeks throughout the 6 months will consist of (1) 60 minute group coaching call and (2) 15 minute videos, twice per day.

4. What does a week look like in Thinking into Results?


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