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Try our interactive Wheel of Life to score yourself and see your shape in real-time

Your Physical Environment can have a powerful impact on your health, mental wellness, and overall fulfillment. The right combination of where you are and the people you're around could even impact your circadian rhythms or brain development. Read more here.

Spirituality can help you deal with stress by giving you a sense of peace, purpose, and forgiveness. It can encourage you to have a better relationship with yourself, more empathy and community with others, and more peace with things you can't control

Career values can help set the parameters for your personal satisfaction and accomplishment as a professional. By identifying your own values and what matters most to you, you can be intentional in your career search and use your values to shape your path forward

Setting Finance goals and measuring your success can help you keep focused and motivated long-term. You may need to make sacrifices or improve your budgeting discipline in order to reach the outcome you're striving for.

Research consistently shows a clear link between physical Health and performance / achievement. Staying healthy can help with increased focus, a clearer mind, and more energy, all of which are essential on the path to success.

Success can depend on the people you keep close to yourself. Encouraging, empathetic, and supportive Family and Friends will assist you in achieving more in life.. They can also provide a lush environment for learning opportunities

Valuing Romance is often overlooked on the path to success, but truly leveraging it can bring you success and fulfillment. Being in love can help you face your fears, find strength to grow and change, and lean on the support of others.

Regularly working on Personal Growth can help you strengthen your self-control instincts and make it easier to build new habits. Identifying areas of weakness and determining how to overcome them impacts every other area of your life.

Devoting time for Fun and Recreation on a daily basis helps maintain health and achieve a peace of mind. By unwinding, resetting your mind, getting your body moving, and building consistency, you can stay happy, refreshed, and motivated in your personal and professional life.

Philanthropy helps establish a culture of giving and passes on positive attitudes towards money and helping others. Some forms of philanthropy can work to impact society for the better and can help families to build and achieve lasting impact.

First, learn more about each of the key categories with the chart on the right. Click a category to dig deeper and find resources to help you improve. 

Wheel of Life

The key to finding fulfilment and success is balancing all aspects of your life - from your social life to your career, and even your recreational time.


Use the Wheel of Life to identify areas of imbalance and hone in on improving them. Score yourself in each of the 10 categories and connect the dots to reveal your shape.

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