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Matrix Success International presents Level Up
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Join Brian Dalmason in a 3 month program focusing on goal achievement,  mindset mastery, and overcoming fears: Level Up.

Level Up is a three-month deep dive course to raise your level of awareness as it relates to wealth building. You're not just going to learn how to increase your wealth, you're going to learn how your mind works and how the minds of others work


This Course is For Busy Entrepreneurs.

Matrix Success International believes in...

Reprograming the subconscious mind

Taking radical responsibility for your results

The power of Mastermind groups

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Learn how to work with your success mechanism and craft your millionaire self on the inside and outside.

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Learn how to beat procrastination, move into action, and overcome fear to leverage and scale your learning.

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Master the science of goal setting and understanding goal types to effectively think like the 1%

With Uplifting Peer Connections, Personal Coaching, And Active Guidance

Over the next 3 months, Brian will give you small bits of information in the right amount of time repetitively so that your subconscious will accept the information and your body can move into action.


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The Level Up Course includes...

Our program is designed to maximize your conscious and subconscious learning through repetition.

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Level Up Course

3-month deep dive

Unlimited access for $3,060

Or, pay only $1,100 per month! 

6 Mindset Level up Video Modules 

Library Of Extensive Mindset Training Videos
Level Up Workbook Companion
Weekly Live Mastermind Sessions
Daily Live Coaching on Facebook


You're going to learn about your subconscious mind, your conscious mind, your body...

and the way they work together.

Your Success Mechanism


According to the Law of Vibration, everything is in motion, nothing is at rest - even a rock! The Laws are so important for us, including the Law of Vibration.

The Science of Goal Setting


We need to choose faith over fear. Goal setting involves: (1) a goal card (2) a vision board (3) a life script.

Overcoming Procrastination


Understanding the difference between non-productive activities and productive activities is important.

Moving into Action


Anyone in this program can learn how to 10X their income in 12 months. Mentorship is the only thing that will connect the dots. Mentors compress time. How?

Mastering Self-Image


Is your manual filled-in, setting your mastermind up for leveraging your time, resources and the talents & connections of others? 

Mastermind & Leverages

What's Inside?

Luxury Beach Resort

Frequently Asked Questions

Level Up is designed to be completed in 10 weeks; however, you have access to the content for life once you make the purchase. We recommend inquiring about our Thinking Into Results Program and Community once you've finished Level Up.

1. How long is the Level Up Program?

Yes! For 3 months, you receive complimentary access to the Mindset Masters membership. This ensures you are part of the Matrix Success Network while going through the Level Up program. Once the 90 days are up, your card on file will be charged $39/month for Mindset Masters until canceled.

2. Do I get Mindset Masters complimentary with Level Up?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to get 1:1 time with Brian is to be in one of his higher-level masterminds or engage in 1:1 coaching. However, during Brian's live training in Mindset Masters, it is entirely possible for your questions to get answered!

3. Does Level Up give me access to 1:1 time with Brian?

 All the programs are currently hosted at However, the training sessions are often stored in YouTube playlists.

4. Where is the program held? 
Brian Dalmaso

Founder and CEO, Matrix Success Network

Brian Dalmaso

An original member of Bob Proctors Inner Circle, Brian brings years of expertise as an entrepreneur, business owner, and lifestyle coach to the Matrix mastermind trainings.

Madison Dalmaso

COO, Matrix Success Network

Madison Dalmaso

After crafting her dream life and achieving millionaire status by 24, Madi shifted focus to driving Matrix towards empowering people to understand, achieve, and appreciate lifelong success. 

Matrix Community

Matrix Success Network

Our Community

We welcome CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Real-Estate Moguls, and all unique thinkers to our masterminds. Join and ascend the Matrix to access exclusive mastermind calls, live events, and networking opportunities. 



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