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Elite 100

The 1% Event

The 1% Event Masterclass

The 1% Event Masterclass

Live Virtual Event: January 16-18, 3pm EST

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Learn to think like the ultra-successful by understanding the thought processes that enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things

Gain insider knowledge of simple wealth strategies from Jerry Fetta, Wealth Dynamics expert, to escape the rat race and build significant wealth

Walk away with concrete strategies and tools to embody a "1%" mindset and create your own matrix of success

In this intensive virtual workshop, you will:

"Everything you can do easily now, once used to seem impossible to you." - Dan Kennedy

Join Brian Dalmaso and wealth expert Jerry Fetta for an exclusive 3-day event unlocking the mindsets, strategies, and tools used by the wealthiest 1% to achieve an exceptional life. 

With Uplifting Peer Connections, Personal Coaching, And Active Guidance

Brian Dalmaso, transformation catalyst and Matrix Visionary, and Jerry Fetta, renowned wealth expert, will be your guides to shifting your mindset and achieving elite results in life and business.

Meet Brian Dalmaso

Brian Dalmaso is a dynamic entrepreneur, visionary educator, and transformational leader who has redefined the landscape of personal development and business mastery With a career spanning from cutting-edge engineering at General Electric to founding multiple successful companies. Brian's unwavering determination has propelled him to the forefront of success.

His pivotal moment in personal development, mentored by Bob Proctor, transformed him into a luminary in the field. Now, Brian travels the world, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs through The Matrix Success Network, guiding them toward unparalleled success. His journey serves as a testament to the remarkable heights achievable when passion meets determination and a commitment to personal growth.

CEO | Motivational Speaker | Mentor | Top PGI Coach Globally | Software Start Up | VIV | Mechanical Engineer

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"To change the world, first you must change your entire outlook"

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Choose from two refined buy options:

This is not just another online event. This is your opportunity to break free of limiting beliefs and step into your potential in a bold new way.

Everything included in the Basic Pass

Matrix branded hat shipped directly to your home

Exclusive LIVE Q&A session with Brian Dalmaso for personalized coaching

90 days of extended on-demand replay access for repetition

Complimentary access to the Lifestyle Audit self-assessment ($99 value)

VIP Elite Package

Take your experience to the next level with:


Matrix Price:


Basic Pass

Register to gain access to:

Matrix Price:

3 live video call sessions with Brian Dalmaso

30 days of on-demand replay access to review the exclusive training

Login access to MSI content portal for exclusive member opportunities

Take advantage of this opportunity to get personalized guidance from success expert Brian Dalmaso.  The VIP Elite Package offers more ways to engage, get special gifts and achieve bonuses to solidify your learning.

Seats are limited. Secure your spot today and prepare for a paradigm-shifting experience that could unlock unprecedented opportunities.

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The choice is yours. Are you ready to think big, act boldly, and transform your life?

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Meet Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is the CEO & Founder of the brand Wealth Dynamics. He has been in the financial services industry since the age of 18 where he first got his professional financial licenses and began helping clients. He has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to learning the strategies of the historical top 1% of wealth, applying them in his own life successfully and then codifying them to share with as many people as possible.

Over the years, Jerry and his team have helped thousands of clients across the world achieve greater financial freedom in life with his books, courses, speaking and his proven system toward achieving Financial Independence, The Blueprint to Financial Freedom.

Jerry's purpose in life is to help all of humanity live with abundance and prosperity in all dynamics of life.

Jerry Feta

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